Casey Donovan’s New Song -Two Souls – SoundCloud

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Hiya Guys,

I have thought  long and hard about how to get more of my music out there and then SoundCloud popped into my head..I never quite understood it, but i think i may have some idea now :p

I have uploaded a very rough demo version of a brand new song that I wrote a few day ago with the help from my mate Kaz who help me out with the concept and a few lyrics..

I felt the urge to let you all listen to it to get some feedback on what you think..
Keeping in mind that i can’t  really play the piano and sing to loud at 2am in the morning :p

Talk soon
Casey D.


Listen to Two Souls by CaseyDonovanMusic #np on #SoundCloud

First Contact on SBS

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Hiya Guys,


Late Tuesday night I was laying up in bed and had a feeling in my tummy that there was something I needed to do but I couldn’t quite remember what it was (Don’t you hate that!) 

So, I got my ipad out, Unlocked the screen and low and behold my SBS on demand app was staring me straight in the face (Insert lightbulb here) “Ahhhhhh… That’s right, that doco was on tonight, I wonder if it has been uploaded? yet?!” 

As I waited for the app to load it was the first thing that caught my attention:

First Contact S1 Ep1

As I waited anxiously for it to buff and load my heart started beating a little faster, the opening credits started flashing before my eyes and there was this haunting drum beat with a very ominous sound scape behind it that gave me instant goosebumps all up my arms and the back of my neck. 


I was nervous… Why, you might ask? 

Before i could even ask myself that question, Ray Martin’s voice fills my ears with a question I didn’t know if I wanted to hear the answer too;

“What do people really think about Aboriginal Australians?”


Was I nervous because I maybe didn’t want to hear some of the heartbreaking truth’s? “Maybe a little”

Was I nervous because maybe I had asked myself some of the same questions? “Yeah, I guess”

Was I nervous because at certain points in my life I have questioned my own Aboriginally? The person I am today? And the person I will grow to be? “Shit, yeah!”

Was I nervous because I was so out of touch with my culture as a kid? Always knowing in the back of my mind that I was half Aboriginal and had little knowledge of where my family was from but being so removed, being from a broken family and having a few questions that didn’t get answered until I took it upon myself to go on a journey back to my biological father’s country, my country in my late teens, but by then I was already a household name right around Australia and I had to have an important message to give out to young Indigenous youth then and there when they were the same age as me or younger.


Looking back I didn’t really know anything at all or have the answers I was only 16 and still finding my own feet in this crazy world still trying to identify with who I was. “It’s making me tear up just thinking about it!”


As I was introduced to the Travelers (Non Indigenous Australians):

Jasmine, Alice, Trent, Bo-Dene, Marcus and Sandy

I was definitely shocked by the first few minutes.

My first emotion was anger.


I shifted around in my bed to get comfortable as i realized I was gripping onto my pillow knowing that I was about to embark on this journey with these six “very opinionated” Travelers (non Indigenous Australian’s).


As we were introduced to the first two Aboriginal families in Sydney I had more moments of anger, frustration and un-comfort from the questions asked by the travelers. But I also had a moments of joy, smile’s and tears streaming down my face.  Seeing the uncles tell and share their stories and to see how they are doing everything in their power to make their kids, their grandkids and their community have a bigger brighter future! I was hook, line and sinker into this first episode so much so that I felt like I travelled with them over 3,000km to Nyinyikay in Far North East Arnhem Land (Although that bubble burst when I saw that tiny little plane!) 


As the travelers arrived into this extremely remote community I could sense the tension, the realisation that there were no shops, no cafes and that they would have to hunt and gather for their food and live off the land.

I was happy to see all the women taking part in trying to eat the mangrove worms, although my eyes were watering as they were sniffing them before they put them in their mouths (Rule of thumb, not a great idea to sniff before you eat) 


It was also great to see the boys out in the fishing boat, hoping to catch a great feed, and sure enough they caught that turtle. But I don’t think they expected what was to come after they got in the boat. I was however in tears, (I’m an out of sight out of mind kinda girl)

I could understand the high emotions when it came to that moment when the turtle would be turned into the feed as any animal lover would be, but at the end of the day it’s the way of life, the way of living how our people have survived for thousands and thousands of years.


There were still questions raised and spoken about.  About why they are still living like this?  And why don’t they just leave and go somewhere else? Why are they wearing normal clothes, some of the women were disappointed because they weren’t in traditional attire, almost insinuating that they weren’t authentic Aboriginals because they had normal clothes on that you can get from Target.


As the show came to an end, I took a deep breath and laid silent for a few minutes letting my mind finish taking in all I had just witnessed. It was so surprising to me about how ignorant, naive, wrapped up in cotton wool some people are about even the simplest of things a lack of common sense if you will.



Last nights S1 Ep2 was even better!!

A few of the girls were a little bit more vocal last night not so much holding back, (Jasmine and Bo-Dene)

I still cannot believe that Sandy went home?! She got bored??  

I don’t think these travelers realize the once in a life time opportunity that they are getting to be apart of! Even if there ignorance takes over them, they should be embracing the moment! 


The one thing that really stood out to me on last night’s episode was how open the Aboriginal ladies were about coming forward and speaking up, sharing there stories and not being afraid to let Australia know their heartache with not only alcoholism but the struggle of life living in such remote communities and it was actually nice to see Bo-Dene open up about her own hidden heartache with her mum and the similarities that there were looked like to me that she was shocked.


But the one thing that had me in absolute tears was towards the end of the show when they were in The Pilbara (WA), Bo-Dene and Trent got sent to Karatha and were housed with Sharon Derschow who owned her own business in communication and worked in the mines, building relationships between Indigenous and Non Indigenous people.

Bo-Dene was so persistent in her welfare questions and Sharon was trying to get her point across and there was one line Sharon said that really jumped out at me “When you hear my story some people wouldn’t believe I am where I am today and I haven’t had one issue in my life, I’ve had plenty”

That line really resinated within me! 


Sharon wanted to express to Bo and for her to understand that life isn’t always as simple for Aboriginal people as she thinks. 

Sharon ran away from home when she was 14, as she was sexually abused for 3 years. She went on a path of destruction became a mother at the age of 16, was forcibly raped and held at knife point and then was in an abusive relationship and had to deal with domestic violence 6 days out of 7 if she was lucky. She stayed quiet till the age of 25 because in her opinion “We like to keep our families together no matter what!”. 


When I heard all of that, I was in tears, what an amazing strong woman to endure all of that and come out on the other side and to have something to show for herself, to own a business and to look on the bright side of life, that is one strong Aboriginal woman! 

Trent was almost in tears when he heard her story and when they parted ways he could even talk as he was chocking back tears.


I personally felt a connection with Trent, Marcus and Alison as the show progressed it seemed to me that they wanted to ask the questions, listen to the answers and seemed like they had genuine compassion and tried to understand the way of Aboriginal life in the society that we live in today!

I cannot wait for tonight’s episode!! 

Make sure you tune in Tonight 


First Contact

S1 Ep3

Channel: SBS

Time: 8:30pm 

Date: 20/11/2014


If you miss it tonight or want to be caught up, Download the FREE App from your App store:

Search: SBS on Demand

I hope you have enjoyed my little run down of the show, Make sure you check it out! 

#OpenYourHeart #OpenYourMind




Talk Soon 

Casey D.


Casey Donovan steps out in goth-chic frock for Cirque Du Soleil opening night  | Daily Mail Online

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Hiya Guys,

Came across a great write up in the Daily Mail today…Thanks guys!! Xxx #DailyMail #igigiStyle #PlusSize #Fashion #Hair #Curls #BigBeautifulAndSexy #Totem #Curvy

Casey D.

Thank You City Chic

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Hiya Guys,

Today I had to do a spot of shopping to find some funky new outfit’s to wear for the filming of the 3rd series of my tv show “Fusion” on NITV.

First stop was @ City Chic in Liverpool.
They have some fantastic new pieces in and of course I was like a kid in a candy shop and got my workout on in the change room :p

I ended up finding a few things that will look great on camera and I’m extremely excited to be filming a 3rd series of “Fusion”

Here’s an Insta pic from @CityChicOnline that o Reposted :)


Love me a little shopping spree, I Would like to say a Big, Beautiful & Sexy Thank You to #CityChic For always helping me out and making me look and feel Big, Beautiful & Sexy! And also Big Thank you to Nina for being Amazing, Friendly and Extremely Helpful!
By @citychiconline “The lovely Nina at CC Liverpool had a surprise visit from the gorgeous and talented @caseydonovan88 this morning! If you love Nina’s style shop it now by clicking the link in our bio ❤️ CC x #citychiconline #ccliverpool #plusfashion #aussiecurves” via @PhotoRepost_app ….

Hope you’re all well
Talk soon
Casey D.


Casey Donovan Covering “Hello” Evanesence

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Hiya Guys,

Today i thought i’d take you on a magical journey back in time, when i was 16 and performing one of my all time favourite songs “Hello” by Evanesence.

image (Super happy face)

Although it’s 10 years on and my appearance has changed my love for music grows stronger everyday! This is such a beautiful song and i wanted to cover it as my next Vlog/Blog and test myself to see if i still had the breathing capability to pull it off :p

I have put up the new Vlog/Blog but i have also attached the 16 year old me to see how far i have come and also so i can critique myself hahaha

(“Hey Guys, Casey Donovan here” missed the video button…So I got this Instead :/)

hope you guys enjoy :D
Also there is a camio performance by Nacho my Shihtzu nephew

image (Lets try it again….)

New Vlog/Blog:

Australian Idol Performance:

Also, Tomorrow Night (26th Sept) I’ll be performing My “You Believed 10 Year Tour”
@ The juniors (Sydney)
Tickets still Available:


Hope to see you there :D

Talk soon
Casey D.

“Black Is Beautiful”- Awaken – Airing 24th sept, On NITV

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Hiya Guys,
Yesterday I was invited to be apart of a Forum on NITV’s Program “Awaken” The topic of conversation was:
“Black Is Beautiful”
The show is hosted by one of the best journalist I know, The one and only Stan Grant!


As I sat in the make up chair, I couldn’t help but think what this all meant?! It was pretty full on and I was as nervous as hell (You know me with tricky questions :p)


(“What does this mean” Face)

As I got painted up, My hands were clammy, I was strapped in to my “sucker inner” Undies like you wouldn’t believe! Before my hair was attended to it looked like birds had started to create a nest for the spring and I was trying not to think about how I was going to articulate my words in the studio and how not to freak out about my answers or if I even had any answers in this brain of mine at all…

As I got finished up in hair and make up..It was almost time to head into the studio..


(Ahhh pretty casey, Tits a lovely day ;p)

As I sat nervously waiting in the greenroom, Mic pack on and ready to go, (Well in this business, there’s a lot of ‘HURRY UP…………………..& wait!’
So I hang around a few more minutes (10 or so) before we headed into the studio.

When i finally got into the studio there was a live studio audience, a long caramel coloured lounge and a single lounge seat next to the big lounge… (The single seat was my seat :p hehe)

I was lucky enough to sit next to Jake Gordan, Internationally recognised model… Such a Stunning featured man!


There was a great line up of Talent;


Jane Caro, A social commentator, Influencer, writer and lecturer based in Australia.


Sasha Sarago, Director & Founder of Ascension Magazine; an Australian Indigenous & Ethnic Women’s Lifestyle Magazine.


The Stunningly Beautiful Jamilia Rizvi, Editor in Chief at Mamamia (@mamamiaaus), iVillage Australia (@ivillageaus) + The Glow @theglowau


Kira-Lea Dargin, Director of Aboriginal Model Management, Australia.


Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver, Director of the Mura Marri Indigenous Health Unit, University of NSW

My heart was beating so fast, my hands and feet started sweating and so did my face, I sat one the sinking lounge seat as comfortable as one could, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get comfy!
Many moons ago in my idol days, i was taught (In my media training) to always sit forward in interviews, so it shows that you are connected with the interviewer and interested in what is going on (*Hot little tip for you*)

The opening credits started to roll, the play back Music filled the Studio and video footage was playing on the big screen behind me.

I could feel everyone’s nervous energy bouncing off the walls and smacking me in the guts forcing me to sit up straight, not slouch or sit like a man (You know? legs spread, elbow on knee not a good look for tv :p) There was to be none of that comfy business, I had to sit like a lady for an hour or so…it hurt.

I Take a deep breath, lick my teeth (Incase of any stray lippy) wiggle my nose (Nervous twitch)Smile like a dork, pull at my top to make sure it’s sitting nicely and not stuck under my Boobs and fold my arms in a non tense manner, because you never know when that glistening little red light is going to be on you and recording!

The show got underway. It’s always nerve wracking when you don’t know what the question is going to be, if the question is coming straight to you or how the answer’s are going to come out of your very own mouth! The nervousness slowly started to fade, as I relaxed into the surroundings and listened to every word that came out of anyone’s mouth, just incase I had a tricky question flung my way! I was on guard like a bull at a gate…Towards the end of the filming I let down my hair down a little bit, I started to look around at the audience and watch them take in what was going on… I dropped the ball! I wasn’t paying attention! My Stomach dropped, i was distracted by a certain shade of Pretty red lipstick. I wondered what brand it was, I didn’t listen to the question that was being asked…I knew I was looking at the lady for a reason!! Of course I was the one that got choosen to answer the one question I didn’t pay any attention to at all! it was one of those moment’s you wish you could click your fingers and dissappear into nothing!  But….You’ll just have to Tune into find out what happened :p


Tune into:
AWAKEN – NITV Channel 34 or Foxtel Channel 144 to watch.

Wednesday 24th Sept
@ 8:30pm

For more information about the show you can head:


Facebook:  Awaken Facebook Page1


Talk soon
Casey D.

Watch “Casey Donovan Covering “Say Somthing”” on YouTube

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Hiya Guys!

So, Today I decided it was time to get the guitar out and do a brand new cover!
So, I did ;p


(Getting the camera angle just right :p)

I chose to cover “Say Something” By “A Great Big World” Why? Because it is such a beautiful song and I always get it stuck in my head, so i decided to do something about it and cover it!!


(Stuffed up the blog, take 36…hehe)

I hope you all enjoy the new cover and, hopefully it won’t be to long till the next one. Hell, i might even do another one tonight :p


(What i thought was the start of the recording but it took a pic instead….Whoops :/)

Talk soon
Casey D. Xxx


Casey Donovan Covering “Say Somthing”: