Casey Donovan’s Returns To Lizotte’s Central Coast With Big, Beautiful & Sexy Show

After a sell-out performance in 2010, Australia’s Big,  Beautiful & Sexy showgirl Casey Donovan, will  return to Lizotte’s Central Coast with her Big, Beautiful & Sexy show on 15 May 2011.

Casey has taken a short break from solo touring as she reprises her award-winning role as Cynthia in The Sapphires for strictly limited seasons in NSW, ACT and the UK. After the last season of the show, Casey won praise from the critics and took home the Best Supporting Actress award at the 4th Deagu International Music Festival Awards.

With the release of her previous single Big, Beautiful and Sexy and the ongoing tour, Casey is not only garnering new fans Australia-wide, but has also become a poster girl for larger women. The inspirational song has seen Casey’s online Facebook support group Big, Beautiful & Sexy (which attracted nearly 2000 fans in its first weeks) grow to now almost 5000 fans. Not only that, but Casey herself is feeling healthier and fabulous, having lost 20kg and continuing in her support of larger men and women as they achieve their life goals.

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