1. You are big, beautiful, sexy and so funny in the Sapphires. I went and seen you with Caro, Vicki and granddaughter Tjarani. Tjarani and I saw the Sapphires (Deb Mailman etc) which was good too but the last one, you made it yours. All of you Tiddas are so talented, I applaud you all. Keep up the good work Casey.

    Cheers Christine

  2. Casey, Saw you on Idol and picked you as the winner from the time you opened your mouth….You make every hair stand on my arms and neck when you sing….On Kerry Anne you blasted out my late dads song…..It reduced me to tears…..Please advise when you are comming to melboune, and do you have a wonderful world on CD…or DVD you tore that up girlfriend… I would love to see you sing, Please tell me where when how…… YOu are amazing…..Love Chevron Fredericks.

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