Stop the bullying!! Before your words take someones life away

Was so moved by the school visit I just did.. A young girl came up too me and asked me about being bullied and how to over come it, as she kept talking the tears welled up in her eyes and I couldn’t help but be reminded that this world is full of beautiful people, and the strength and courage of this young girl to come up and ask me what she can do and how to deal with being bullied, I told her to write about it, and to say what it was that made her sad, then to write something that made her smile that day and to focus on that, and to take the high road. People need to Stop bullying!! because one day your words are going to take someone’s life away.. And while you may not think that what your doing is bad, it is hurting someones life, and in the end how bad would you feel…. Someone somewhere is struggling with something in there life, and nasty words can affect there way of life.. Let’s start by making positive changes! Say something nice for a change, give a complement, tell someone they are beautiful, tell someone they are worth it! Give someone a hug, spread the love and light…. Stop bullying! And make a better change to someone life, who knows you might actually save one…


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