Casey Donovan’s Book: Did It Really Have to Be So Graphic?

casey d interview

“She never shies from the terrible lows – her battles with weight, identity and that baffling and destructive fake relationship. We get the many meaningful highs too – her growing sense of cultural identity, acceptance from the gay community, the successful songs, nominations in the Sydney Theatre Awards, a role in The Sapphires stage play and the tremendous improvement in her own body image. .. But the graphic descriptions of Donovan’s online dating sexual encounters which followed that humiliating fake relationship beg another question. Did we really need to know everything?”

Casey Donovan is as open in her interview with Herald’s music editor, Peter Vincent, as she is in her new book, Big, Beautiful & Sexy. Casey was clear that although her book may be graphic, it was important for her to be honest and truthful.

Listen to and read more of Casey’s interview here: