It’s the day before my Birthday!

Hiya Guys!!

It’s dawning on me….
I have one more day of being 25 and then I am officially closer to 30 than I am 20..
And to be honest..It’s kind of scary!!
I guess I just got used to always being the kid amongst the Adults and as the Days/Weeks/Months/Years have gone by, i have realized that i am now seeing the younger generation pop up and I’ve slowly moved into the adult role of life and I now have no excuses! (Pre 26 Midlife Crisis)
I used to fear that I had completely missed out on my Teenage/Adolescent life, but as I sit here and type away, I can’t help but giggle and Reminisce on Years gone by and realise that my life has been one massive learning curve and from a very young and tender age.

As a kid my parents tried to teach me The meaning and understanding of working towards something to get the benefits.
Example: My step dad making me wash the cars and mow the lawn before I could go to the movies Or working at his shop to earn money so that I could do things with my friends (Even if I kicked and screamed and didn’t want to!).
I didn’t realise what he was trying to teach me back then, All I could think of was what i would be missing out on and having to get my hands dirty and miss out on life! (can you here the inner child? Haha)

Can you believe It has taken me many, Many years to Finally understand what My parents were trying to Install into my body memory?!

Over the last 10 years of my life I have had my share of ups, downs, ins/Outs and all arounds.
At times I was lost and felt hopeless in a world that scared the hell out of me.
I didn’t know how to ask questions, I was sometimes unsure as to how to approach life head on because I was too scared that someone would yell at me or tell me I was doing wrong.
I was and still sometimes am confronted by Confrontation and will do almost anything to avoid it.
But of late life has taught me that if I think about what I want and the direction I need to be going in confrontation is only caused by a lack of communication and rage of emotion so I try to eliminate it from being in my face to being calm and collected.

As turning 26 is merely around the corner (A few hours) I wanted to start a new chapter in life. A chapter that starts with this opening Blog to let you all into “The Real Life Of Casey Donovan”
I will be trying my best to let you all know about the ins and outs of my life. This will be like a daily diary entry and I hope that you will enjoy reading what is on my mind, what adventures I will endure and what life throws at me. I hope that me being an open and honest person won’t be to confronting to you all and I will try to keep my potty mouth in a PG state of mind.

Here’s to a New Chapter, and 4hrs ours till I am officially an “Adult” (you get my drift)



Casey D.

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