10 minutes of sleep and turning 26

Hiya Guys,

I think the heading says it all, allow me to elaborate…Strap yourself in “#YOT26O” —>(You Only Turn 26 Once, Equivalent to #YOLO But even better…Share it around :p)

The clock strikes 12am, I am now 26…I have a quiet moment to myself and exhale and get back to my business. I’m sitting on my bed listening to a movie and plucking my eyebrows (Lady Scaping Relaxing time)

I started to feel a little anxious, i knew I had to be up at 4am to do my hair and put my face on, so i thought it would be a good idea to do my hair before I went to bed to give me an extra hour of sleep in the morn…Boy, was I wrong!
I finished my hair around 2am, I set 5 alarms on three different devices in fear I would sleep through (as i have done before) the alarm flashed 1hr and 50mins…I was gutted…
I watched the clock like a hawk waiting for its pray to lay still….My inner monologue (That little annoying voice) started running through what questions I might be asked in the interview that was merely a few hours away!!! The clock struck 350am I shut my eyes for what felt like a millisecond, the sound from my alarm made me jump out of my skin and karate chop the air! Let’s just say, I was not impressed…Nor was I Jackie chan!


So, I took a photo to mark the occasion… Hahaha
My hair didn’t have the chance to get messed up in my 10mins of sleep, I than contemplated about going back to sleep for an extra 10 minutes….But…I didn’t.
I was so excited for my shower because I got to wear my shower cap (Small things…. :p)

After thinking it was a good idea to play a game in the shower that consisted of me standing directly under the shower head and letting the water run over my shower cap so it made loud rain noises in my ears, i decided to get out. Then the realisation set in that i have probably Stuffed up my hair and then I got sad… But it was all ok…I think maybe I learnt my lesson…Yeahhhh Probably not… haha

With not a lot of time left to do what I got up early to do (Because of my game) I started to do my face and hoped that i wouldn’t stuff it up and surprisingly I got a record time of 20mins, i was pretty stoked with myself…



I got dressed then i was almost on my way to kiis 1065 for my interview…
As I try and creep out of my house, inches from the door…. I felt my foot brush up against something, it was dark I couldn’t see and then i hear this all mighty CRASHBANG, THUMPCRASH LITTLE BANG…..Silence…
I held onto my breath, but I couldn’t help but Verbalise because I almost had the shut scared out of me!! “for F*** sake, really casey…Really?? Who the HELL puts a clothes horse near a FREAKING DOOR Grrrrr???!!!”  As I attempt to pick up the bastard, it unfolds and decides to go for round two, (just incase it didn’t wake up everyone up on the first go)…. Party Fail!!
I try an exit without letting the whole neighbor know I’m leaving the street…

I managed to get every red light on the way to the radio station, but I kept my cool… I remembered it was my Birthday and that the day can’t get any worse!!

I arrive at the studio….


Coffee in hand (May have made a pit stop for a very strong, Very Large Soy Cap)


I got inside and made my way to the greenroom, sat down and enjoyed my cup of Strong joy before I headed into see Kyle and Jackie O.. I was a little nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, but as we sat and had a quick pre show chin wag.. Kyle counted down and  the “On Air” Sign flashed and The interview was underway. I was surprised with a Birthday Cake and a bunch of Flowers that the producer brought in whilst live on air, i must at admit I was kind of blown away by the Lovely gesture…. I can’t remember exactly what was said in the interview but it was fun.. I remember talking about my book and Kyle made a joke about my many a sexual partner’s then Jackie O said something about the local bike, I almost chocked on my spit… I cracked up laughing and Kyle ran with it throughout the rest of the interview,  it was very funny and I had a heap of fun!!


No sooner did the interview start it was finished, and I had a cake and flowers to take home with me…I drove home with a smile on my face and tired as F***!

I still haven’t sleep nor eaten my cake… I spent the rest of the day with my Aunty Leah doing some running around and she shouted me Lunch at my favorite Place “Park Cafe On Chalmers” in Redfern…

Today has been a great day, and I still have a few hours of my birthday left.
I still haven’t slept, but I think I might hold off till the celebrations have finished…What’s that saying…Oh yeah “You can sleep when you’re dead”


I’m off to eat some Cake :p

Casey D.

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