DONOVAN & CALLEA Reunite after 10 Years

Hiya Guys,

It has been almost 10 long years since I sung with Anthony Callea and on Friday night (16th may) We reunited…
I got an email from Anth about a month or so ago inviting me to sing a song with him at his George Michael Show @ The Palms in Crown Casino down in Melbourne,  I checked my Calander and was Thrilled I was Available to do the gig…

As it got closer to the gig, Anth sent me the the song we would be Singing, And with that it would Reunite a Beautiful friendship and do what we do best.. We Sang “I Knew You were Waiting for Me” A Great tune By George Michael Featuring The One and Only Aretha Franklin…No pressure at all :p



As I flew down to Melbourne I was pretty relaxed, well…. apart from a few mini anxiety attacks I arrived into Melbourne safe and sound..

I’m not sure if you know that, I Hate flying! I know its such a big part of my job, and I do get used to it when I’m in Tour mode..But it takes a bit of warming up for me not to want to walk strait back out of the airport, and fridays flight wasn’t bumpy or anything it was the guy sitting next to me…As I finally get to my seat and park my ass and squeeze it into the seatbelt (Anxiety No#1…That’s another blog in it’s self)
I finally get settled and the dude next to me, A middle aged man who I don’t think knew how to shut his mouth…Lets call him jabba, for the sake of this mini version…

Jabba was seated next to a pilot and I’m sure all Mr Pilot wanted to hear about was planes…. As I try and relax before take off Good Ol’ Jabba decides its a Great idea to bring up The Missing flight and question Mr Pilot on what could have happened and did it go down? How could they lose signal?….
I Of course am now wide awake, My heart is beating so fast!! There is sweat pissing from my forehead, I felt like telling him to shut the f*** Up and why on earth would you bring that up and chat openly about it just as we are about to take off??!!… But of course I didn’t, Because I don’t think I would ever do that…Although My inner Monologue was going off it’s chain!!

I Arrived in Melbourne (shooting daggers at Jabba as I walk off the plane)..

I got to my hotel and I started to get nervous, I had around 2 hours to pitta patter around before sound check…

I thought I best shave my legs, being almost winter and all and You’d think after almost 14 years of shaving, I’d know how careful to be..But oh no, not that day!!
I managed to take a massive chunk of skin out of my shin, of all places to do it!! It was horrible and painful!!
It then made me question why all Linen and towles in hotel had to be Freaking white?!

After playing nurse to myself, it was almost time to walk over to The Casino for sound check..
I sung the song continuously over and over. Weather it was in my head or out a loud…I sometimes get so nervous that all lyrics stored in my head just dissappear! Repetition is the key for me…

Sound check has arrived and I met up with Anth’s Assistant Andy, and also Harrison Craig who was performing a song as well…I was a little excited to meet him as he has an Incredible Voice!! We make our way through the back of the casino, I can hear Anth Belting out on stage…it dawned on me, I hadn’t seen Anth in about 8 Years…I mean, I’ve seen him on the Telly and Instagram and stuff…But not in person..I was scared, I didn’t want it to be awkward, You know…one of those moments when you haven’t seen someone in so long that you don’t have anything to talk about and it’s just wired, awkward and strange all at the same time…
I waited backstage to go on and Rehears the song..Andy, Anths assistant came and collected me..This was the moment!! I walked out onto the stage and gave Anth a big kiss and cuddle then it was strait to work..We ran the song once over than I got out of his hair.. I went back to the dressing room and started the task of doing my hair and putting my face on and thinking of how the hell I can cover up this pale white bandaid that stuck out like a sore thumb… (it’s amazing what concealer, Foundation and a bit of contouring can do!!)

I was singing the last song of the first set, so I had a bit of time to get ready and run the song over in my head about a thousand times :p

It’s show time!! I wished Anth luck and off he went… (I actually told him to punch it in the dick and Chookassssss… Back stage put up’s hehehe)

He sounded amazing, He was on Fire!!! The band sounded tight and I even got to see a little of Harrison Craig’s duet…Man what a voice (Pun Intented :p)

As I pace up and down I bumped into John Foreman who was also a surprise guest playing Piano for two of the songs and one of them happened to be the one I was singing as well, Talk about An Idol Reunion :p

John and I chatted and caught up on lost time then he left me to play on stage and I started to get nervous because It was only two songs and I would be on!!

I stand side of stage mic in hand and watch Anth introduce the next song and telling the crowd he had a special guest and introduced Me…I walk out and kiss and hug Anth, I told him i was nervous and then we had a little chat and he told the crowd about my shaving incident and the bandaid that I tried so hard to cover up…(Bastard :p)

The song starts, My gaze doesn’t leave Anth, I was literally shaking and so were my knees AND I had massive Heels on that didn’t help…We go from verse to verse to chours and at one point Anth starts jumping, so I thought it would be a great idea to copy him hahaha…



At one point in the song I had a few flash backs of the idol days and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!!
The crowd were loving every second of it as Anth and I were!! I didn’t want it to finish, I’d missed him, performing with him and hearing that Ridiculously Incredible Voice of his!!

The song finished and we both walked off, the crowd were so Inviting it was so Lovely and I’d have to put it down as a highlight in my career!!

I went out into the crowd for the second set and took it all in…The smiles on the audiences faces proved of a great performance and voice!!
And to top it off Anth’s Partner Tim Campbell came out and wowed the audience and me with his powerful vocal abilities!! Omg that man can sing to me any day of the week…Shirt or no shirt :p



After the show came down we went to Club 23 in the Casino and had a few well Earned drinks and a catch up! I May Have had one or two more than I would have liked for my 7am flight out!! 

All in all I had a Fantastic night, Caught up on lost time and there was no awkward moments it was like Anth and I had never been apart! A friend like that is one to treasure and I will forever!!

Anthony, Thank you for an awesome night and the privallige to share the stage with you once more and surely not the last!!
Here’s to the next 10years




Casey D.

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