I Catch Trains Now… :P

Hiya Guys,

Today I type this Blog as I sit on a train going into redfern…(now that I have moved out west west :p)

It takes me back to my teenage years when I used to catch public transport everyday to high school and then I kind of stopped after idol… But man does it save the hassle of sitting in my car and get frustrated at stupid drivers!! I now can spend my travel time doing things like this and let you know what im doing with a minute to minute update..pretty much a live report on my every single movement hahahaha Just Joking Joyce :p
It’s really quite peaceful, Today I’m playing a game called “Guess what they do” it’s kinda fun, Although when I randomly smile at people they quickly move there gaze….I’m yet to get a smile back so I decided I’m going to be like most of the other people and be on my piece of technology….

Why am I on a train you might ask?

Well, don’t I feel like an extremely busy Bumble Bee buzzing around here there and everywhere…
I can’t complain tho, it’s a great thing to be sooo busy!

This week I am embarking on the 2nd workshop of “songrites” as apart of The Sydney Opera Houses “Cultural Lab” with Playwriting Australia…

In short, I have one of the greatest opportunities to work alongside some extremely talented ladies and gentlemen that work in the world of writing plays and directing them…

I did my First ever “Songrites” Workshop late last year with two other Indigenous Musicians; Abe Wright from the “Street Warriors” And Troy Brady from “Aim4More”.

I had worked with Troy a few years ago, we were both in the Musical “Yarraba” Up in Cairns. 
And I know Abe from around the traps and many years of community gigs all around Australia, But there was one thing we all had in common and it wasn’t just Music…..None of us had a bloody clue as to what to do Or how to even write a play!! Abe, Troy and Myself were “Virgins” to the playwriting scene.

In the first workshop, we Learn’t how to come up with ideas and plot things out, how to write about characters and give them a backbone so they would have their own interesting story and how to structure a play, Which I think is Important :p hehe

So this week I get to learn some more about how to put it all together and the coolest thing is….We get to work with actors to see how our writing comes to life and if it’s any good ;p

I can’t say to much else it’s all kinda “Top Secret” But I can tell you I have one wicked villain, you shoukd have seen the evil smile I had on my face yesterday whilst I waa writing a Monologue for “It” hehehe


Casey D.

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