I Got Salted…

Hiya Guys,

So, this morning I get off the train in Redfern and I’m hanging for a coffee…Hanging!
I felt like i was in the Amazing race, I had my backpack on and i powered up those stairs like i was in a tough mudder competition, i needed the yellow ticket and wanted to win that glorious winning prize!!! Actually….. I got stuck on the escalator… Sorry, With all of this creative writing i felt the need to beef it up hahaha, but i really wanted a coffee :p

So i got off the escalator and made my way to the coffee shop… Just Mental note for next time, Bicycle riders seem to just come out of Nowhere!!!
I finally get to the coffee shop, and bumped into the Dramaturg that is working with us on “Songrites”

I place my order “Hiya, Can i please get a Large Strong Soy Iced Coffee, No ice cream! Just ice please…Oh and a ham Croissant, No cheese.. Thanks You” .

As i wait i chat away with Sopa, (Dramaturg) we chat about what we are going to be doing today among others things… This heavenly voice breaks our conversation “Large soy Iced coffee?!” Yummm!! As i try and contain myself and politely take it out of the baristas hand, i couldn’t help myself but to take the Biggest Gulp Ever! “YUKKK, Ewwwww!!!!!
I look over to sopa, Almost in disgust! I couldn’t help but verbalise “Why does my Coffee taste like SALT?!!!” in a way i was almost offering it to Sopa to try it and see if i was just having a moment… Meanwhile i was in shock, my mouth tasted like i had just swallowed half the ocean, and i couldn’t help but hock what ever was stuck in my throat (Gross i know, but what else was i supposed to do?!)

The barista rushed to my scene making and asked me what the matter was? I told him my drink tasted like Salt! I don’t think he believed me (by the confused look on his face), until he tasted the “Sugar Syrup” and realised that the whole thing was filled with Salt… He was not impressed what so ever!! He was actually got quiet angry with his staff.. I mean, these kinds of things happen and must have been an honest mistake and I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it…

He then gave me a New drink and apologised to me. I was a little hesitant to Gulp this one.. “Just Incase” But it was fine… thankfully…
I then walked out still in two minds about what was going on inside my mouth and it wasn’t until i got to the theatre space, i realised that he didn’t even offer to give me my money back… I wouldn’t be one to ask for it back, But really, If that was my shop and that to someone, I wouldn’t think twice about refunding the Coffee and the croissant!.. Lets just say…I won’t be going there again…

I Got Saltet… Its kinda funny now ;P

Casey D.

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