Soooooooooooo Much Has Happened!!!

Hiya Guys,

Firstly,  Please forgive me… This blog has been written about 30 times over the last week, so if it sounds like I’m talking in the now and referencing yesterday and meaning sometime late last week, you’ll know why hahaha…
It’s a bit of a long one as I have Soooooooooooo of much to tell you about!!!

As some of you know, I started my “You Believed Tour” Last Friday night 23rd of May @ the Albury Entertainment Centre in Albury…
I flew down on The Thursday Night as I had to be up early to Read a story at the Breakfast/Readingclub at Albury Noth primary school, then do a keynote at James Fallen High School as well as another that afternoon at The Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service..I dreaded the early morning wake up call, but was excited to see what the day would hold…
As I made my way to Albury North Primary school, at the amazing hour of 8:30am (Face and Hair done) I was greeted by the school principal Paul and invited into the office common room? (I have forgotten what you call where all the teachers hang out hahaha)
I was handed The book I would be Reading to the kids, hada quick run through of a song then off to the breakfast club I went, I was a little nervous as I am not the best reader in the world and was plesently surprised when I was given “Where The Wild Things Are” to read to the kids…



As I got my read on, and got distracted by all the pictures, the book had come to an end… I got a few pictures with some of the students then i was off to give my Keynote Talk to some years 5,6,7 & 8 students around the corner at the High School…

It was now 9:30 and I was running over in my head how I would structure my Talk.
One of the hardest things when talking to young Adults is how to keep them interested and intrigued all at the same time…
I stared by opening with a song, most of these kids would have had no idea who I am, as they would have been babies or not even born when I was on Idol (Strange to think about really)
In my keynote I talk about what it was like on Idol, the process and challenges I had to face and over come at such a young age and talk openly and honestly about life after Idol, the ups downs and all arounds..I also touched on the importance of trying to stay positive when life gets you down, Body image and how to follow your dreams and not let people’s negativity get you down… I was amazed at how the students were so engaging and interested they were to hear about my story and life, they sat quietly and listened and I think they took some of what I said away with them (well I hope) I finished with a few more songs then a Q&A (which is the funnest part, as you never know what is going to be asked)

Before I got to The Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service, I quickly stopped off at Start FM in Albury, to do a pre record performance for their morning talk show…They were great fun :p and I sung Valerie  😀

After I finished at Start FM, I got to the Aboriginal Health Service and did a quick sound check then it was time for another keynote and 5 songs,
I spoke about the same things but touched more the importance of going back to country and finding my own identity. When I was around 18 I took it upon myself to go back to where my biological father is from and do a bit of soul searching, i wanted to know how to Acknowledge Country properly and know more about my culture and extended family…
The audience at the Health service were absolutely Beautiful there was a mix of old and young, there was a Beautiful Welcome with didge, and a song and they were more than welcoming…. 
It is so rewarding To be able to go into Schools and community and give back and also let them into my world… it’s one of the best parts of my job!!!

Here’s My guitarist Mitch and the lovely Gentleman that welcomed everyone…


After I Finished at the health service it was time for something to eat then to head to sound check at the Albury Entertainment Centre…
Sound check was great, i got to run through some songs haven’t sung in awwww let’s say 10 years hahaha….
I bought a new toy to play with on stage and had to set that up.. It’s a cool little device that let’s you play around with different sounds through the mic and sounds amazing when it’s programed!!!

After sound check it was time to go back to the hotel for a minute and then back to the gig to start to get ready!!

Before I knew it, it was gig time… That night I had 2x sets one 40min and one 60min…(well it was supposed to be 1hr 40min show but it ended up being almost 2 hrs hahah

Here’s me being Kenny Kodak hehehe….


Curtesy of: TWITTER: @atomicsecretspy



The gig was Amazing and so was the audience!! It was such a relief to have the first gig out of my system and learn from my mistakes and tidy up the show and keep it running to time, but when you’re having so much fun you never want it to end :p

The funny thing about me, is when I perform I can’t take it easy!! (It is sometimes a curse) I have to Go Hard or Go Home!!

Although by the end of the first night my voice was extremely tired from the Massive day I had and I started to worry that my voice was going to conk out when I still have a massive weekend to get through that involves 4 more shows 2 of them being my Bennetts Lane gigs(Which were F***ING Awesome!!)

Here’s me at Bennetts Lane :p
Curtesy of Instagram: Simon_bailey


That night after the second show at Bennetts Lane, it was straight home to bed, my voice was sounding more and more like dragging Keys down a washboard and I was worried about the gig I had early the next morning (Early in singers term, a Gig before 11am)

As flew home on the 6am flight back to Sydney, i had little to no voice left,  i was so tired and anxious about the gig I was to do for Sorry day in chatswood not to mention the gig that night at the Enmore Theatre for “The Great Aussie Song Book” & another gig back down in Melbourne on the Tuesday…. Ohhhh and also flying interstate and trying not to get dried out from the planes and finding time to sleep when the adrenaline isn’t pumping through my Veins!!!

As I got to the Gig in chatswood, i tried not to talk to much and then the realisation set in that i would have to warm up!! As I attempted to  warm up my voice started to crack and jump pitch and I couldn’t seem to steady it… I went into Freak Out Mode!!
It’s not the first time I have lost my voice,  but this was the worst it had ever been! I felt like breaking down and sobbing in a corner, but I couldn’t!
So i saved whatev ever was left of my voice and kept it for the stage!!

As they say….”The Show Must Go On”, and I just had to suck it up!!
I sung my 2 songs, used every last little bit of voice i had left, of course the 2nd song i sung was “listen with your heart”, and we all know how much I love that song :p 
I knew I wasn’t going to make it, i held in my diaphragm (The Breathing one hahahaha) and even squeezed my but cheeks together (I know that sounds extremely odd, but I had to do what I had to do ; p)
My voice was shaky,  but I made it with the odd vocal pop here and there, i left the stage feeling deflated, upset and extremely Angry at myself…
I had done everything in my power to conserve my voice over the last few weeks and it goes and does this!
I was worried and contemplated long and hard about the decisions I had to make about my upcoming gigs, that night and the following day in Melbourne!

At the end of the day my health is more important and if I were to keep on singing with nothing left to give I would have surely done a great deal of damage to my body and my instrument!
So i made the executive decision to cancel my gig that night for “The Great Aussie Song Book” This made me extremely upset as it is one thing I love doing and giving my time to raise funds for “Variety” But I just couldn’t do it! I had to take the night off and get ready for the Melbourne gig the following day…

I sent myself straight to bed when I finally got home! I did not talk to anyone, i slept pretty much all the way through the night and then caught the train to the airport the next day ready to fly…
I was checked in, bag had been dropped off and I went to order a coffee and some breaky…. As I went to open my mouth and talk…Nothing came out!!!! My eyes welled up and my signing must have been good enough for him to understand,  i waited patiently for my coffee and tried to hold my S*** together!  I couldn’t believe it!! I actually had nothing,  i knew what I had to do and I didn’t want to do it…
I grabbed my coffee and headed outside for some “Fresh Air” I called my manager and I think he got the point with out me saying to much, not that I could… I had to yet again Cancel another gig…I was so upset, I was at the airport in hope that i would have a voice and ev everything would be Sweet…But no, it wasn’t…After a few more tears and Apologies and feeling sick to my stomach, Jason, My manager made an emergency Appointment to see my ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) Doctor, Dr Mooney (who by the way is usually booked out months in advance) But I needed to be booked in ASAP!!!
An Appointment was made for 2.30pm I then had to go get my bags off the plane and catch the train back home to get my car to then drive in Bond I Junction to make my App….I was Stressing out Big Time!!! I thought the worst, i had so many thoughts running through my head..
F*** is my Node back?!!!
Have I done serious Damage to my vocal chords?!
What am I going to do if I’m out of work for weeks?!
How will I live?!
What if ?!!

As all these thoughts ran through my head on the train and the drive in, i started to panic…All I wanted to do was sing along to the radio then the tears started again!! I was a mess!

I finally got to his office and sat and waited patiently until I was called in…
Dr Mooney greeted me and within a second he knew how bad it was, he told me I sounded horrible and empathised with my situation..He asked me some questions and I knew he was just trying to hear how bad I really sounded so he could try and figure out what the hell he was going to do with me..
I sat in a chair that kinda looks like a dentist chair, he spraid some numbing spray up both nostrils and I had to suck it back and wait for my nose and throat to become numb..Yukky, i know!) But here’s the fun part…He grabbed a long black looking snake thing that had a camera attached to the end and told me to lean my head back as he started to feed it through One of my nostrils…It’s the strangest sensation, ( uncomfortable and ticklish all at the same time) and also even stranger that the camera is hooked up to a Tv screen so I can see inside my nose, down my throat and to these Big, Red Heavely Inflamed Vocal chords…Dr Mooney let’s out an Eeee (Which usually he makes me make the sound of, so i attempted to Eeeeee…) he then told me that I don’t need to make the sound he was merely letting out a noise indicating how horrible and sore my Vocal chords looked!! He slowly drags the camera out of my nose and tells me he can fix me! A sigh of relief runs over my body!!!
He then asked me when was the next time i had to sing, i told him 3 days… We go into his office and he sits me down and tells me that he is going to give me some Steroids and that I need to stop or cut down on my “Fresh Air” Because it’s doing me no Favors!! He also gave me some Great news that there are No Nodes on my chords BUT if I’m not careful there will be some if don’t look after myself!! He gave me a script for my Roids and Ant Acid tablets and Said i needed vocal rest for the next days “No Talking What So Ever” He even wrote all of my “Do’s & Don’t s” Down on a piece of paper for me to put on the fridge hahaha….
And with that i was on my way, a little more relaxed and at ease…..

And here I am, in Melbourne (Feels like my 2nd home) Getting ready to perform tomorrow


With a voice!!! I’m still a little nervous to go all out…But with a good warm up and warm down I should be right!!!
I did everything that was on that piece of paper even cut down on my “Fresh Air” Because at the end of the day my voice is my life and I would be F***en lost without it!!!!!!

Gosh, we got there in the end…See this is what happens when I wait a week to blog…it turns into a mini Novel hahahaha I hope it won’t be this long between blogs again hahaha

Hope you all have a Fabulous weekend!!
Wish me luck!!


Casey D.

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