Living Black SBS – Ave Maria “CASEY DONOVAN” on YouTube

Hiya Guys,

Yesterday I did an Interview with Karla Grant for the Program “Living Black” that will go to air on Monday (9th of June) On SBS.


There is no stone left unturned in this very up close and personal Interview..
And also very Acoustic version of “You Believe”



Soooooo, make sure to Tune in on SBS ONE on Mondays 5pm and NITV on Tuesdays 8pm for Indigenous stories that matter to all Australians, hosted by Karla Grant.

Here’s the promo Video sbs are using on YouTube and I just had to share it, I sung this as apart of NITV going Live to air on the 12/12/12 with the picture Perfect backdrop of Uluru behind me and also One of the biggest Highlights of my Career as that performance was the first time I had ever been to Uluru and it was a very Special Moment,  One you can see by the tear that falls from my eye during thr performance…Twas a very emotional and spiritual experience for me and one that I will hold close  to my heart forever!!!


Casey D.

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