Newcastle Star has all the Insider News on Casey Donovan

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Casey Donovan is about to hit Lizotte’s Newcastle for her You Believed Tour, a performance that celebrates her ten years since winning Australian Idol. So much has happened for Casey over the past ten years, and Newcastle Star have the details.

“I had been wanting to write a book for a while; it was exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.”

Donovan said there were a few heated discussions between her and her family about what exactly was to go into the book. In the end, she won the support she needed.

“It’s good to have my darkest secrets out there but there’s still some stuff I’ve left out. There’s some legal hurdles you have to go through when you publish but I’ve tried to keep it honest as possible. It was very hard, re-living all of the heartache.” Newcastle Star, 2nd June 2014

Tickets for the concert at Lizotte’s Newcastle – June 19th, are available now. All the details can be found in the Newcastle Star article.