“Listen with Your Hearttttt…Did someone say Wig Sale?!!

Hiya Guys,

Last night I wanted to let my hair down a little, You know? Spend some “Quality” time with my Dear friend Kaz  And get in touch with The Joys of Dodging Prams, People, Small Children with balloons and all kinds of other Joyous Obstacles As we Made our way into the ever so relaxing “Thursday Night late shopping At Bankstown Central”

I did, Although have one main mission for the night and that was to get a few new outfits for some upcoming Gigs And my trip to Scotland Next week (I’ll tell you More about that later) But, I’m a good friend and notified Kaz “it was a must and I’ll love her forever” (But she already knows that :p)…
As we got into One of my all time Favorite “plus size” clothing shops, City Chic and the Beautiful Smiling Face Of The ever so helpful Beautiful Lady that works there lit up (As did mine & for the life of me I cannot remember her name, But she knows who she is) We started what is usually the long process of me Picking items I like off the racks and getting ready for my work out (The Changing Room :p) Surprisingly, I didn’t take long to get the whole shop into my dressing room, do my work out and Purchase a few items…
Kaz and I then realised we were pretty hungry and we both felt like a good ol’ Chicken Schnitzel… The Beautiful Sales lady  informed us just where we could find that pot of gold, We didn’t think twice before we were out the door and following our stomachs to the the Cafe that would suffice our every need!!

“Chicken Schnitzel chips and gravy, Please..Oh and No Salad! Thanks”

As I put the last piece of Schnitzel in my mouth and savor every last crumb… My ears Perk up like a dog hearing a high pitched whistle, I Tilt and turn my head a few times, Like a puppy waiting for a treat. I Could Not believe my Ears, the look on my face must have been priceless. I look at kaz trying not to choke on the last few crumbs in my mouth… “Kaz, can you hear that?”Kaz looks puzzled like I have just caught her doing something naughty.. “Listen, Can you hear that??” As I did, Kaz Perks her head up an tilts it to the side. (By this time I have a cheeky Embarrassed smile on my face) Kaza’s eyes light up in disbelief “Oh my god, Is that you?!” I started to giggle, Listen With Your Heart was playing through the speakers!! We burst into Laughter almost simultaneously. Kaz decides to Mime along to the song and I try and figure out how to quickly get my head up my “You know what”:p
As the song came to an end and I removed my head from my “Special Place” There was silence…. I thought for sure it had to be a set up! Because, before My song came on, they were playing All the new hit songs…And…I’m pretty sure it’s not 2004 anymore :p Hehe… As much as I cringed and felt uncomfortable. It kind of made me smile and reminisce on the days where It was a regular occurrence….

Kaz You’re doing it wrong, Can I have a go?”

After we finished up at the cafe
We walked past a wig shop. Now, I usually just have a look and don’t let my Impulsiveness take over..But last night,  I couldn’t help myself! So, I thought id take the opportunity & humor kaz with my head :p

Now, I’m not sure if you guys know…But I love to change my hair!! Weather it be a style, Cut, Colour Or All of the above… It’s something I have done since my mum first let me dye my hair… Wigs are just like that..Minus the mess, burning scalp, Hours of sitting in a Chair and getting hair in places you didn’t think possible…

I have a Moto; “Once you weave, You won’t Believe” (Actually, I Just made that up, hahaha)

Kaz picked out a Headband with a fringe on it (Bless Kaz, but she didn’t know it was a fringe and put it on backwards) After i laughed at her, I thought I’d show her how it was “Supposed” to be worn… So I captured a few moments where my Moto came to life and gave my new friends some names :p

“The fringe band- Easy & Effective for a woman who wants to Bang”

The “Tracy Donovan”
(I look almost identical to my mum in this pic :p Love You ma Xxx)

“The Fierce Sassy – Classy yet Elegant”


“Lightning Surprise – for when the Purple rinse Runs white”


“The Cadillac- For the working class woman who knows how to put her foot down”

“The Cherry Bomb Bang – Say goodbye to salt and pepper And hello to the new you..For the woman who likes to spice it up”

Hahaha, Gosh…Some Good times were had on out shopping Adventure and as much as I tried to fight my Impulsiveness…..I made a purchase , I really couldn’t help myself :p

I like to call this one:

“Hello Boys”- A weave that will surely get you some attention and make you realise you should maybe Stop messing around with your hair, Grow it out and and be the lady we know you can be…



(You may be able to put a wig on her….But you’ll never take her out of Bankstown :p)




Big, Beautiful & Sexy Love to you all!!!

Casey D.

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