Hiya Guys,

Today I’m going to let you in on a secret…. Over the last few weeks I’ve been making some noise in the studio and recording something very exciting!!
A new single one might say :p
It has been so good to getting back into the music making side of things!
I know I have been saying that there is new music on the way for a few years now, but this time I mean it!! I signed off on the mastering today so very shortly I will have my baby playing sweet in my ears and then once I’m done I will let you guys have a turn ;p

I have been working very closely with my Producer Dan Skeed from The Oxygen Music Group in Alexandria and he has made making music such a fun and exciting experience for me.



Dan & I

I would like to share an email I wrote to him expressing my upmost gratitude and respect, there’s a little bit of swearing (My Bad) but I just wanted to let him know how thankful I am for the time and effort he has put into my rebirthing….

Dan….Skeedy…Mate…Cousin…Bruva…Mother fuckin bad ass PRODUCER Man!

We’re almost at the end man! 

I’d like to take a moment to Thank You for all the hard work you have put into this little Treasure!  Working along side you has been such a joy and a hilariously great experience! Skeedy…You make, making music feel like a slow cooked lamb shank; Mother fucker Ain’t ready till the meat falls off! But in all seriousness, Thank you so much for letting me be a part of my own product. I can’t tell you how much this really means!! 10 years on and I have finally found my voice on mic and in the studio. Thank you for letting my voice be heard and not pushed to the background like a dull hum that needs to be faded out. You’re a fucking Champ of a man and one hell of a producer! 

Now, don’t swallow… Cause I’m about to Spit on it :p.


Watch this space for more exciting updates on the realese of the single and behind the scenes footage of the recording 😀


Talk soon
Casey D.