Watch “Casey Donovan Covering “Say Somthing”” on YouTube

Hiya Guys!

So, Today I decided it was time to get the guitar out and do a brand new cover!
So, I did ;p


(Getting the camera angle just right :p)

I chose to cover “Say Something” By “A Great Big World” Why? Because it is such a beautiful song and I always get it stuck in my head, so i decided to do something about it and cover it!!


(Stuffed up the blog, take 36…hehe)

I hope you all enjoy the new cover and, hopefully it won’t be to long till the next one. Hell, i might even do another one tonight :p


(What i thought was the start of the recording but it took a pic instead….Whoops :/)

Talk soon
Casey D. Xxx


Casey Donovan Covering “Say Somthing”: