“Black Is Beautiful”- Awaken – Airing 24th sept, On NITV

Hiya Guys,
Yesterday I was invited to be apart of a Forum on NITV’s Program “Awaken” The topic of conversation was:
“Black Is Beautiful”
The show is hosted by one of the best journalist I know, The one and only Stan Grant!


As I sat in the make up chair, I couldn’t help but think what this all meant?! It was pretty full on and I was as nervous as hell (You know me with tricky questions :p)


(“What does this mean” Face)

As I got painted up, My hands were clammy, I was strapped in to my “sucker inner” Undies like you wouldn’t believe! Before my hair was attended to it looked like birds had started to create a nest for the spring and I was trying not to think about how I was going to articulate my words in the studio and how not to freak out about my answers or if I even had any answers in this brain of mine at all…

As I got finished up in hair and make up..It was almost time to head into the studio..


(Ahhh pretty casey, Tits a lovely day ;p)

As I sat nervously waiting in the greenroom, Mic pack on and ready to go, (Well in this business, there’s a lot of ‘HURRY UP…………………..& wait!’
So I hang around a few more minutes (10 or so) before we headed into the studio.

When i finally got into the studio there was a live studio audience, a long caramel coloured lounge and a single lounge seat next to the big lounge… (The single seat was my seat :p hehe)

I was lucky enough to sit next to Jake Gordan, Internationally recognised model… Such a Stunning featured man!


There was a great line up of Talent;


Jane Caro, A social commentator, Influencer, writer and lecturer based in Australia.


Sasha Sarago, Director & Founder of Ascension Magazine; an Australian Indigenous & Ethnic Women’s Lifestyle Magazine.


The Stunningly Beautiful Jamilia Rizvi, Editor in Chief at Mamamia (@mamamiaaus), iVillage Australia (@ivillageaus) + The Glow @theglowau


Kira-Lea Dargin, Director of Aboriginal Model Management, Australia.


Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver, Director of the Mura Marri Indigenous Health Unit, University of NSW

My heart was beating so fast, my hands and feet started sweating and so did my face, I sat one the sinking lounge seat as comfortable as one could, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get comfy!
Many moons ago in my idol days, i was taught (In my media training) to always sit forward in interviews, so it shows that you are connected with the interviewer and interested in what is going on (*Hot little tip for you*)

The opening credits started to roll, the play back Music filled the Studio and video footage was playing on the big screen behind me.

I could feel everyone’s nervous energy bouncing off the walls and smacking me in the guts forcing me to sit up straight, not slouch or sit like a man (You know? legs spread, elbow on knee not a good look for tv :p) There was to be none of that comfy business, I had to sit like a lady for an hour or so…it hurt.

I Take a deep breath, lick my teeth (Incase of any stray lippy) wiggle my nose (Nervous twitch)Smile like a dork, pull at my top to make sure it’s sitting nicely and not stuck under my Boobs and fold my arms in a non tense manner, because you never know when that glistening little red light is going to be on you and recording!

The show got underway. It’s always nerve wracking when you don’t know what the question is going to be, if the question is coming straight to you or how the answer’s are going to come out of your very own mouth! The nervousness slowly started to fade, as I relaxed into the surroundings and listened to every word that came out of anyone’s mouth, just incase I had a tricky question flung my way! I was on guard like a bull at a gate…Towards the end of the filming I let down my hair down a little bit, I started to look around at the audience and watch them take in what was going on… I dropped the ball! I wasn’t paying attention! My Stomach dropped, i was distracted by a certain shade of Pretty red lipstick. I wondered what brand it was, I didn’t listen to the question that was being asked…I knew I was looking at the lady for a reason!! Of course I was the one that got choosen to answer the one question I didn’t pay any attention to at all! it was one of those moment’s you wish you could click your fingers and dissappear into nothing!  But….You’ll just have to Tune into find out what happened :p


Tune into:
AWAKEN – NITV Channel 34 or Foxtel Channel 144 to watch.

Wednesday 24th Sept
@ 8:30pm

For more information about the show you can head:

Website: http://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/#/Menu/Programs/NITV

Facebook:  Awaken Facebook Page1

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/NITVAwaken

Talk soon
Casey D.

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