Casey Donovan Covering “Hello” Evanesence

Hiya Guys,

Today i thought i’d take you on a magical journey back in time, when i was 16 and performing one of my all time favourite songs “Hello” by Evanesence.

image (Super happy face)

Although it’s 10 years on and my appearance has changed my love for music grows stronger everyday! This is such a beautiful song and i wanted to cover it as my next Vlog/Blog and test myself to see if i still had the breathing capability to pull it off :p

I have put up the new Vlog/Blog but i have also attached the 16 year old me to see how far i have come and also so i can critique myself hahaha

(“Hey Guys, Casey Donovan here” missed the video button…So I got this Instead :/)

hope you guys enjoy 😀
Also there is a camio performance by Nacho my Shihtzu nephew

image (Lets try it again….)

New Vlog/Blog:

Australian Idol Performance:

Also, Tomorrow Night (26th Sept) I’ll be performing My “You Believed 10 Year Tour”
@ The juniors (Sydney)
Tickets still Available:


Hope to see you there 😀

Talk soon
Casey D.