Poetry – 2:08am-11/1/ 2015 (c) Casey D

Hiya Guys,

I was laying in bed half way through watching the 3rd season of “GIRLS”
And i had a rush of word’s run through my head like word vomit I couldn’t contain in my mind and i was compelled to get it out. So, i typed it out on my phone…

I have no idea where this has come from or if it makes sense…

I’ve called it:

I heard your petty rumors,
the ones filled with lies.
Unstable, deceitful and careless just a few you described!

How did we become so broken?
No glue strong enough to hold.
All the flickering pieces
Burst into flames,
Like your crumbling soul.

Love was just a word,
No heart big enough to hold.
Hate fills your empty veins
Intimate details left un told.

A public display of hatred
As blood lines the streets.
Silence your screams in the shadows
Too many fools following dangerous dreams.

Bloody footprints stain the pavement
As parents cling to the young.
Keep your head down low!
Bang bang goes the gun….

(C) Casey Donovan

Would love to hear your feedback 🙂
I’m off to bed :p

Talk soon
Casey D.

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