The love for a Black and white Kitten

Hiya Guys!

As i was sitting on my verandah this morning, waiting for my phone to ring for an interview promoting #BackToBacharach (That got moved to a later date)

Something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. At first glance i thought it was an oversized black rat, but at closer inspection it was a little black & white kitten. Of course me being an animal lover I did a little high pitched squeal and mini hand clap and went over to say hello, But it had ran under my car and disappeared. As i lay on the ground searching for this kitten, it was nowhere to be found.
So I got up off of the burning hot concrete and stood on my verandah waiting for it to reappear.

So i waited and waited.
10 minutes went by and i thought “Awww No! Where has it gone?!”

I went inside and grabbed a handful of cat biscuits to possibly con it back, I threw them near and under my car and waited…Nothing!
I thought to myself “don’t worry love, he’ll be ok…I hope!”

I went back inside and did a sneeky Stand behind the door and have a doris out the window maneuver and there it was!!
I stayed put so it could have something to eat (which he slowly did) then i went back outside almost “commando rolled” and layed back on the burning hot concrete and he had disappeared again! I got up looked around the car and out onto the street…Nothing!

Where the hell was this kitten?! As frustration set in, I layed back down on the burning hot ground (whilst getting bitten by ants and attacked by kamikaze flies) and waited. I thought to myself “it had to come back…It just had too!”


I heard a meow and got excited!!
As I looked up, there was My cat


(The cat i had adopted from my neighbors) looking me dead straight in the eye like i was trippin on something.
She started to eat the biscuits I had placed carefully to lure the kitten back. But she was none the wiser. I put on my baby whisper cat voice and told her to find the kitten, she looked at me with disgust. Almost like i had stolen all of her biscuits… “Puss puss, Where’s the kitten? Find the the kitten, I’ll give you more biscuits?!” She turned her head and got down low, as if i had got through to her with my cat whispering pep talk. With a look of wonder I watch her creep under the car towards the front right hand tyre and inspect the area with caution. Low and behold a little paw reaches down towards Puss Puss. She starts to back away with her tail between her legs. A little black & white kitten appears and drops down to the concrete. I lay there in shock thinking “How the hell?! How long has this thing been inside of my car?! By this stage Puss Puss has back right up and was sitting in the pounce position. I watch with caution as i didn’t want the kitten to get back up into my car and i didn’t want Puss Puss to grab hold of this kitten and rip it apart like a new toy.
Puss Puss starts to hiss like a gas pipe had just burst open. I try and calm her down whilst keeping one eye on this kitten but, she doesn’t listen! I ended up shoeing Puss Puss away by gently throwing Cat biscuits at her (Out of Love not anger) I then flicked some biscuits towards the kitten as it looked at them like they were pebbles not food..


30 minutes go by and I thought “I need back up” I put a call into my mother to help me get this cat out from under my car. Mum was not impressed as she huffed at me through the phone and told me she would be out after she had finished brushing her teeth.
As i waited for mum to come out, the kitten had climbed back up into my car.


Mum finally arrives all minty fresh and asks me 20 questions with her hands on her hips.

My step dad Norm came home to pick up mum for work. I called out to him with some urgency “There’s a kitten inside, under my car…How do i get it out?” He looked at me as if i were on some heavy meds as he Un-enthusiastically walked over to my car and then walked back ro his car because he forgot his hat, so i quickly ran inside an opened my car so he could pop the bonnet. Norm looked under the car “There’s not cat here, case!” The daughter in me rolled her eyes and answered with a sarcastic tone “That’s because it’s inside the car…” He popped the bonnet and we looked around and couldn’t see a thing! Norm dissappears for minute then appears with the hose…”Oh ohh, This cant be good!” He starts spraying the hose as i keep an eye out under the car for this kitten..Nothing!! Then i see something dart out from the back of my car and run next door (I must have had a mini micro sleep or heat stroke or something) I take off like Cathy Freeman after this cat and run into my neighbors garden. I spot it.. “Uhuh.. Got ya!” The kitten stares at me almost with a smirk, like it’s a really fun game that i am chasing after it! I reach down to grab him the Zoommm its off again!! Grrrrr…I remind myself to relax and breathe..I call norm over to help me out as i didn’t really feel like diving into some bushes because i don’t like spiders (That’s another story) Norm comes over, finds a branch and starts rustling it on the ground and of course the kitten walks over to him to play. Norm grabbed it by the scruff and gave handed it to me as i covered it with the towel…Whohoooo!!! Now what do i do?!
I went inside got a box and put the kitten inside. I wiped the sweat from my brow put on a bra and thought “Ok, Now what?!”

I looked at my mum and she automatically said “No…No…No…No…”

I smiled at her as i said i would take it up to the vet and see if they will this beautiful little stubborn Black & white kitten!

Soooo, off we went to the vet.

The vet told me they can’t take the kitten because someone was suing the pound for something or rather (I only listen to part of the story..) So she gave me the numbers for the RSPCA and an animal shelter.

I got back in the car and sat for a minute thinking about this little Black & white kitten in the Blue and Red Reebok shoe box. My heart began to melt.

I drove to Mum and Norms shop kitten in box and sat at my mums desk for about an hour. I got the kitten some water and sat there with the shoebox opened watching it peacefully sleep.


It’s litte tummy was going up and down very quickly and I could see it’s little heart beating like it was at a rave party.

I started to pat it’s tiny little head as it opened its eye’s and look deep into my soul almost whispering “take me home.”
Mum came in looked at my face and she knew “No casey! Not happening, you already have 3 dogs and the neighbors cat..No!”

I smiled at her and let the tears form in my eye’s, before i let out my closing statement “The vet’s, RSPCA and the Animal shelter said they won’t take it, its feral and isn’t in need of emergency medical attention! It’ll be out on the street and it makes me sad to think I didn’t do anything to help, I just put it in a shoebox and now I have to let it fend for itself?!” She continued to tell me No.. By this time I had picked up the kitten and let it sleep in my arms. I had fallen in love, I’ve never been a cat person more of a dog lover but Puss Puss taught me to love cat’s and but this kitten had completely and utterly melted my heart!! I thought long and hard (About an hrs worth of thinking) I took a breath looked at mum and decided to take it to the vet and get it checked up. (And hopefully not burn too much of a whole in my pocket.)

On my way back to the vet. I couldn’t help but think about what would’ve happen to this kitten if couldn’t have given it a home? Where would it go?

I know sometimes Cat’s can be pests and breed like rabbit’s. But they are still living, breathing Animal’s/Pet’s. It breaks my heart to think that if I didn’t want to help save or shelter this kitten what would have happened?

I wonder if the same rule applied if i had found a stray feral puppy? Would the vet have told me to take it straight to the RSPCA and would they have taken the puppy and given him shelter and later put it up for adoption?
Don’t get me wrong I love dogs and i know they are adorable and a mans best friend. I just felt like there was no where for the this kitten to go because it was a cat a stray feral cat..and yes, I know the RSPCA does a great job in sheltering animals but it seemed like this kitten had to be half dead to be taken in..(Just a side thought)

The lady at the vet was surprised to see me again “No luck?”

As i placed the kitten on the counter and took another deep breath i smiled and said “I’m going to keep it! ”

Her face lit up with a big grin “Awww that’s a really nice thing to do! Have you been here before?”

I giggled and said “Yup, I have 3 dogs under Donovan. Pugs-lee, Jazz-lee or Buddha!” She searched the computer to find me “Ahhh there you are! Should i just put the kitten under-Unnamed?


I looked down at this little meowing kitten in the box and said..”Ummm no, It’s name is Reebok”

She looked at Reebok, box and giggled she liked the name and thought it was cute.

“Reebok Donovan…”

As she called out his name she too noticed the Blue and Red shoebox and giggled as she showed me to the vet table. She began to tell me that she had hand raised a kitten from 2 days old. This Beautiful veterinarian who had a deep love for cat’s, told me, i was doing a really nice thing by taking this kitten under my wing. She took Reebok out of his shoebox and gave him the once over, to no surprise Reebok had a little bit of a chest infection and was a little underweight but other than that, healthy! She also checked the sex of the kitten and i now had myself a brand new Baby boy!! I had a feeling, but i just wanted to be sure…

The beautiful lady gave us the antibiotics free of charge and didn’t burn a hole in my pocket (Thank goodness)

As Reebok and i made our way to the counter to pay the damage, she told me again how nice i was for taking him in and giving him a loving home. I smiled and said i can’t save them all, but this little guy had me at the firat meow.

And with that I am now the proud owner of a new kitten called Reebok! He has just had a little bite to eat and is now asleep under my TV cabinet (Hopefully i can get him out) but he looks happy and content with his new home…Now I’m off to buy him some toys and kitty litter and all of that mumbo-jumbo :p

Talk Soon
Casey & Reebok :p

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