Farewell Summer, Until next time…

Hiya Guys,

As the seasons change and summer comes to an end for another year. I wanted to reflect on what was a Great Summer!

I’ve always been a water baby!
As a kid I spent countless summers at home, in our backyard swimming in our above ground pool.

The feeling of being weightless in the water, living out my childhood dream of wanting to be a Mermaid (Yes, I wanted to be a mermaid)
Endless hours playing games with my brother to see who could hold thier breath the longest as we would race up and down the length of the pool.
Countless time trials to see who was the fastest swimmer that would usually end in an argument between my brother and I, because he was a sore loser when it came to me winning (He may have been fast on land. But get me in the water and I can move…Must be the inner Mermaid :p)

As I got older my love for water got stronger.
My body was changing but that didn’t stop me wanting to dive head first into a glistening, crisp, clear, cool pool!
There was a time in high school where me and my mates would go to one of the girls house’s and swim almost every afternoon away (Homework could wait!!)

Over the many years and hot summers I have noticed one thing about me when it comes to the water.
No matter what size or shape I have been, I have never been embarrassed to put on my swimmers and jump head first into a pool (Or gradually glide not so gracefully into the ocean)

It’s funny, you know?
I will forever try on thousands of different tops, pants, skirts or dresses to hide the imperfections that only I see.
But when it comes to any quick change/Chance to put my swimmers on, I don’t think twice.
Actually I lie, I think about One thing and that’s making sure my Girls (Boobies) are sitting up and as perky as they can be, then off I go (Hehehe)

One of the things I love most about summer time (Not only that it’s perfect beach weather!)
I get a short time to hang out with my friends and family who are usually busy working weekdays and are on there yearly holiday (Basically, I have people to play with during the days when we’re not working :p)

This year my friend Kaz and I found a new little swimming hole. A little place situated on the shores of Botany Bay and the Georges River (Near Dolls Point, Sydney, Australia.) We had made quite the cosy little habit (insert posh accent here) of taking every spare moment to hit the sand.                                                                                                                                    I was a little hesitant about venturing to a place with little to no waves what so ever! (Sometimes, I like to pretend that I’m a dolphin jumping and swimming through waves. It is a sight to see)                                                                                         And I was also extremely nervous because there were No lifeguards and No red and yellow flags to swim in between!! (Not doubting my swimming ability. I think i’m just an Overcautious Sally when it comes to things like that)

I had fallen in love with this new swimming hole!

With each new day that we went, we seen all different shapes and sizes in both men and woman. There before us, each day, was a different scenery of nationalities and body shapes. Everyone was so different. Yet no-one stood out. As our days in the sun quickly passed us by…I wanted to document our time at the beach and as it seems like the “Norm” these days to take a picture of anything and everything, Kaz and I struck more than a few pose’s for a “Beach Selfie” Smiling, laughing and looking like we were having the time of our lives (Which we were :p)


Little did i know that documenting my time at the beach would bring some newfound media attention.

“It was the perfect beach day”


Do you guys remember this picture?

Who in the world would have thought that a picture like that would spark such media attention? (Certainly not me!).

As most of you know I am the kind of girl to just do things without thinking much of the after math, and that day was like any other.

I was at the “Swimming Hole” With Kaz, my Aunty Leah and the mini tribe of cousins.
The weather was just right (maybe a tad hot) and the water was divine!

I asked my mate Kaz to grab my phone and take a few full length body pics (not something I would usually do in my swimmers) I thought to myself “Stuff it! Why the heck not?”

Anyway, There I was… Me and my bronzed self in full photo shoot mode.. you know, hands on hips, hand in my hair, one hand on my hip, duck lips and even the Baywatch run (this ones a lie :p). All these different poses, for a second, I even contemplated the creeping lioness crawl.. but you know, after an image of a sand mounding up in my cossie crossed my sea breezed mind i thought better of it. hehe

20150114_142446     20150114_142403

20150114_142516 20150114_142412      20150114_142427 (Aunty Leah in the background…hahaha, thats what you get for photo bombing me :p Love you My Aunnnnnyyyyyy)

Kaz put the camera back and we had a dip and as women do when they are together, we spoke about all the things under the sun. Once we finally got out of the beautiful calm water we lay’d down on our towels and let the sun dry us off off. As I’m lying there on my tummy resting my chin on my hands I turned to Kaz and asked her opinion (Something I do often) “Do you think I should post one of those pics on Insta?”. She looked up from her mobile (a rare occasion) and shrugged… why not?

I began to look through the picture that were taken (Delete a few… As you can see my hair has a mind of it’s own!) So, I bit the bullet and thought…”F*@#% It! Just do it Donovan..”

I wanted to put a positive message under the picture. Something that was uplifting. The first thing that popped into my head was one of RuPauls Sayings “Learn to love yourself, ‘Cause if you can’t love yourself, how the yell you gonna love somebody else?!

And with that (and a few Hashtags) My full length beach bod was now floating around in cyber space and I was none the wiser as to what was to come next. I spent the rest of the day splashing about, attempting to play dolphins (That failed, no one wanted to play with me… 🙁 Whateverrrr)

That night when I got home my phone was going off the likes on Instagram and facebook started jumping. I was a tad surprised! Never in a million years would I have expected such a response. Every single post, reply, inbox, share and and every single word was positive. Every… single..one! It was so refreshing and overwhelming! Because of all you Beautiful people, I smiled so big not only on my face but from the inside!

So, to conclude my Summer love affair and the fun that was had. I want to say I had a hell of a summer and I’m sad to see it go…Although, I am looking forward to the cold (Maybe I got to much heat this Summer.)

I also want to say Thank You! Yes, THANK YOU. Thank you for all the love and support that you have shown me!

Positivity starts with You! You believing in yourself! A simple smile, knowing that you are beautiful, knowing that you can do anything you put your mind too! No matter what your size or gender You are Big, Beautiful & Sexy! With A Big heart! A Beautiful Soul! & A Sexy look on life. Loving yourself doesn’t happen overnight but, I promise if you keep at it, it will happen and you won’t know the new you! Put a smile on that Beautiful face and hold your head high!

Talk Soon

Casey D.


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