CloudHead – Easy listening

Hiya Guys,

He is also an Amazing Artist
As you all know i’m all about sharing things that are close to my heart and i’d like to share with you some of my best mates Awesome tunes on Soundcloud. These tracks are pretty amazing and it would be selfish of me if I did’t share the love.

Dean (aka CloudHead) Loves making all kinds of music and I think he is one very talented human being. Not only does he make your ear drums want to sail away into the clouds, he is also a very talented Artist. He’s a one of a kind type of guy and I would love to help him get his Music out there any way I can.

These tunes would be perfect for your trip home from work. If you’re like me and like to daydream, they’re perfect!

Enjoy 🙂

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Talk soon

Casey D.


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