Day 5

Day 5.

Today’s emotions:
Anger, frustration, loss of motivation, hopelessness.

I let the weekend get the best of me. Apart from running through the airport like a bat out of hell and almost missing my flight (thanks track work)

I was interstate for a gig on the weekend & I may have snuck in a few naughty things like.. A kit kat, a few cans of Coke, Maccas Breakfast  (baccon egg & sausage egg muffin and hash brown)
KFC 6 nuggets, a piece of chicken and a few chips (Pepsi for the drink)
A few coffees and bottles of water and that was my weekend.

And today I’m just having one of those day’s where I’d like to crawl under a rock and hide away until the shit storm in my life passes, but that would just be letting myself get even further from where I need to be.


Today’s message:


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