Under New Management


Hiya Guys!

It’s the End of an Era

As of the 8/12/15 Jason Willamson MGT and I have parted ways.

I would like to Thank Jason Willamson MGT for helping me out over the years.
I am now a self managed Artist and I am now free to pursue the career of my choice.
I now have the opportunity to create an album of my very own and take it on tour.
It is now time to spread my wings and take a leap into the unknown. It’s a little scary, but I am extremely excited for what the future holds.
What is life without fear? What is hope without disappointment?
And what is love without loss?

Here’s to the new chapter that is Casey Donovan.

2016 Watch out!

For new contact details, click on Contacts at the top of the page 🙂

I must say this business hat feels nice :p

Casey D.

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