It’s been A while.. 

Hiya Guys

Well golly goodness, I know it has been a while since my last blog (sorry) and sooooo much has happened in between.
I am currently playing the role of Killer Queen in in the musical “We Will Rock You” in Melbourne, Australia and I am having such a blast!

We have been on tour since April this year starting off in my home town Sydney, at the Lyric theatre. It was so much fun kicking it all off at home and one that I will never forget! As this was the last time that my beautiful grandma would see me doing the one thing I love to do. Having her in the audience made me the most nervous I have ever been and to see her beautiful radiant face after the show smiling with all the energy she could muster up, made everything I do so worthwhile (que water)

Sydney was great fun, playing to your home town has a pretty magical feeling and I had finally found my rhythm of “The Killer Queen” and my pre-show OCD had officially kicked in. Pre-show OCD, you ask? Yes, It’s where I think I “have” to do certain thing’s at certain times before I walk out onto the stage and transform into the “Killer Queen” in other word’s, I have a massive pre-show process to get in the zone, for example; After warm up before I get into my sucker-inner undies (cardio workout :p), bra and dress around the 30min call. I run my opening song (killer Queen), first scene (Boardroom) and then my second song (Now I’m here) then…  At the beginner’s call, I shut my dressing room door and do the same thing but don’t run “now im here” just when you think im done…Bot even close :p
I pace the hallway and sing along with the Ga Ga Kids’ then return to my dressing toom shut thr door and run my lines at least 2 more times then hit the wings and before I sit on my thrown and evoke the Killer Queen…You guessed it, another speed run of lines. No wonder I am exhausted by the end of the week!

After almost 8 weeks in Sydney we then headed up to the warmer weather of Brisbane to play at the Qpac at another Lyric Theatre.
Brisbane was great, the tour had finally kicked off and I was loving being in a new city but my heart was heavy. Grandma had taken yet another turn the week after I left and I became extremely home sick. I flew back and forth to Sydney on my days off.

The Brisbane audience however made my heartache subside with their generosity and love that spilled onto the stage night after night! Sadly, we lost Grandma halfway through the Brisbane season, this was one of the most difficult things I had ever had to deal with. My head was (and still is) all over the place. I eventually took that long 1hr 30min flight home for her funeral and to be with my family. It really broke me having to get back on a flight and leave my mother behind, but, I know that grandma wouldn’t be happy with me if I took more time off work and didn’t get back up on stage and keep going. My grandma was one of a kind, she was such a strong woman who lived to love and socialize (Que some more water works) I have a picture of her and my family on my mirror at work from when she came to the show in Sydney and every day before the show starts I sit in my chair, close my eyes, take a few deep breaths then open my eyes back up and there she is right there, smiling right back at me. It’s kind of become a little pre-show ritual as well…

Now we are down in the city with 30 season’s a day (hehe) I do love Melbourne tho, it is such a cool city. So many things to see and do and sooo much good coffee to be sipped whilst overlooking the Yarra or chilling out on degraves st in the CBD! Although, I still haven’t figured out how to catch trams…Which leads me to trekking half way around Melbourne via the good old “Foot Falcon” which is actually a really nice way to experience this city and the added bonus of not to many hills, is great!!
Unfortunately, Melbourne will be the last city that WWRY will be playing in Australia due to  “Unforeseen Circumstances” the tour has been cut short, sadly leaving out Perth and Adelaide which is a real rockin roll bummer and means I out of a job come November…

Although I’ve had this little voice in my head niggling away at mefor the last month or so “you need to start writing again, you need to start writing your own music” Which led me to contacting my very good friend and music producer Dan Skeed. I started the conversation about how much it would cost to get a 6 track EP happening and if he was available around Nov/Dec and to my surprise he was extremely excited about my idea and avaliable!!!! (Yay)

So here’s what I’ve been working on over the last few weeks…A Kickstarter Campaign!!!
I’ve put a bit of money away from the tour but thought it would be a great way to get other people (my amazing friends, family & fans) involved by contributing.

It was one of the hardest things trying to work up the courage and ask people for help…I didn’t know how, I sat at my computer for days starring at ny computer screen. It wasn’t until I thought to myself, “I just want to be honest…I want to find me again, my voice, my love.” And with that I bit the bullet and next minute, people are helping me!! I am beyond excited and nervous to hopefully achive my set goal and It wouldn’t be possible without the love and support from you!!

So with all of that.. Thank You!  
Talk soon
Casey D.




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