Seraphim what a fantastic brand! I love how the Designer has incorporates so many different styles from the Casual Maxi to Glam bright coulors and comfy fabrics that make you never want to get out of them!

Here’s a little more about Seraphim and just another reason why this Brand is one of my favorites!



Seraphim Clothing is more than just a clothing store. Our vision has always been to empower fat women to love themselves; to teach (and preach!) that we all have value no matter what size and shape we are. We believe in self-acceptance above all; it is not just about how good you look in one of our outfits but how good you feel.

Here are some of my Fav’s!

Striped jersey Maxi Dress
Striped jersey Maxi Dress
Rebel Bubble Dress
Rebel Bubble Dress


Black Harem Pants (Soo Comfy!)
Black Harem Pants (Soo Comfy!)


Seraphim’s New Line is Out Now and it looks Amazing!

“Inspired by the audacity, tenacity and all-round badassness of Frida Kahlo and all pioneers like her.”

Check Out - 2015 "Oh Frida" The Newest Collection
Check Out – 2015 “Oh Frida” The Newest Collection

The Summer/Autumn 2015 collection brings Seraphim into an excitingly different direction. This new collection, called Oh Frida! is an homage to the tenacity, audacity and beauty of Frida Kahlo (and all pioneers like her!) and features bohemian pieces with an urban/rock twist – Batik mixed with metallics, florals clashing with tribal prints and South American cuts but with Indonesian fabrics.



Contact Seraphim:

For comments, complaints and anything else you may want to share with us, here are a few ways you can get in touch!

PHONE NUMBER: +61 402 639 959 (International mobile rates apply to those calling from outside Australia)
FACEBOOK – Probably the best way to contact us! Keep in touch with other Seraphim fans too! 🙂
TWITTER: Keep in touch with Seraphim’s updates!